How To Get Free TikTok Followers [Legit Ways]

If you ever taken TikTok seriously as a way to become an influencer, I am sure you tried a bunch of TikTok services offering free TikTok followers

Since it’s launch in 2018, or rebranding of a music-video app called, TikTok has become the Internet’s biggest sensation reaching over 2 billion downloads from the App Store and Google Play this year.

I’ve started years back on, and managed to grow my followers 33 times since then. But before that, I’ve lost my first TikTok account worth $5 000. 

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If there is an exact number of free TikTok generators, or other tools promising fans and hearts, I have tried them all. New users believe it is possible to get TikTok famous tricking the algorithm with bots (buying or getting fake followers). 

Yes, once it may go unnoticed (especially if the size of an order is small), but try it multiple times and you risk being locked out of your account forever. 

Here are 5 legit ways to get free TikTok followers that helped me gain 100 000+ followers in a little more than 18 months. 

For the record, there are other ways to grow followers count at zero cost. Yet, a suggestion is to find ways that work for you.

#1 Follow Medium-size Accounts

Rather than using the follow/unfollow method with TikTok celebrities like Charli D'Amelio, Jacob Sartorius, or Baby Ariel, it is best if you follow medium-sized accounts under 100 000 followers within your niche. Micro-influencers usually have higher engagement rates (around 8%), ready to engage with their fans when you send direct messages to them (second on this list). 

The big secret of getting noticed by influencers is to make duets. TikTok Duet feature allows you to create a remake of a popular video and put them together side-by-side in one screen.  The least result you could get is no response from a creator. But even then, TikTok algorithm shares your videos with other followers of an influencer you follow. Because niche audience has similar interests, your videos are likely to generate likes, and your account new followers. This helps me get about 10-100 free TikTok followers each week.

#2  Send Direct Messages

Direct messages help you connect to the creator you follow. It is something that bonds engaged fans and passionate creators. That’s how my friendship with @tzu.tzuuu emerged (and nearly third of my TikTok following by the way). I’ve noticed she was crazy about skateboarding and dance challenges - something I could relate to). She had a dozen fun videos and I liked and shared all of them. Two weeks after I started following her I send DM. First I had no response but then, one of my videos was liked and I got 7 new followers in a matter of days. Over time we really hit it. So did our followers ☺

#3  Target Hashtags

Relevant hashtags, like the power engines of your TikTok account, let viewers discover similar videos. They also help TikTok algorithm match videos to the niche audience, which increases your chances of getting views and followers. Don’t overthink though; just pick the trending hashtags from the creators. Place it on several (not one) of your videos of the same topic, and see if it works. 

#4  Order Drip Feed

It’s hard to tell whether the service is legit or fake right away. Before I got my first 1000 followers, I was pushing it hard buying only instant followers and likes. But as you’ve probably noticed, it is hard to get TikTok followers to follow you in great numbers. Sometimes it takes weeks of consistent posting to see any meaningful following on your account. Drip feed is the best choice as you get followers gradually. Do not take risks if the delivery is instant.  

#5 Get On For You Page

That’s may seem like a paradox, right? You want free TikTok followers to get on For You page, but I suggest getting on that page as a way to get new followers organically. If you are a complete beginner, you may even wonder why everyone tries to get there at all. For You page of Tiktok is similar to Instagram’s Explore page. For You page videos get hundreds of thousands of views, and logically have higher chances of getting much desired free TikTok followers on your account. Getting a single video featured there brought in over a million views on that video, and tripled the number of followers.

These are the methods I use on a daily basis to get free TikTok followers. So far they helped me keep TikTok account growing. Feel free to watch my videos, like and follow @wlncrlcxyccj.



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