How To Go Viral On TikTok With Free TikTok Likes [My Insights]

February 2, 2022

If you are like me always wished to see a million views on your TikToks, free TikTok likes are the surest way to do that. Six weeks into my TikTok use, I’ve grown engagement by at least 50%, going from zero to over a 1000 likes on each one of my videos. 

If you want to get likes on TikTok without human verification and download, my insights would be helpful.  

I’m a part of TikTokIt community for a little more than three months. I have to say, this post sharing feature really helped me to see how other creators grow their TikTok accounts getting more likes and followers with every upload. Today I am sharing my insights into TikTok likes/hearts; and how they help your videos going viral.

Before I move on to the actual topic, I want to specify how TikTok search and discovery algorithm works. Understanding how the whole TikTok thing works would explain why free TikTok likes are the focus of my blog post. 

A short-video app, TikTok has a massive audience of passionate creators (roughly 55% of the 800 million daily users) and 1 billion daily estimated page views. Since the merge with, the TikTok algorithm is handling a skyrocketing number of videos. 

How TikTok Algorithm Works?

The moment you hit the publish button, your TikTok video is pushed to the select number of viewers (typically viewers in your niche). Depending on the impression it gets (a video completion rate, likes, comments), the video is then suggested to a bigger audience watching similar videos. 

This typically goes several rounds (no one knows exactly how many). If all turns positive with high completion and audience engagement, the algorithm puts it on the For You page (much like Instagram Explore page the primary page of TikTok).

If a viewer watches a video all the way through, the completion rate is 100%. Half of a video watched accounts for 50% completion. It could be even higher than 100% if someone replays it.

Because of the video length of 15 seconds, to get the minimum completion of 50% a viewer needs to watch for just 7-8 seconds. 

A quick look into influencer profiles reveals that most of them get at least 1000 likes on most of their TikToks. Roughly, every one in ten accounts with under 100 thousand followers gets 5-7 million likes on their profiles. TikTok likes (hearts) indicate the audience interest in the creator’s content and keeps app users on the platform. TikTok rewards creators able to keep followers engaged, boosting their video ranking.

While some influencers cheat on performance buying fake likes and bot accounts, many prefer to grow accounts organically. How can you increase likes on TikTok?

How To Get Free TikTok Likes: Step-By-Step 

#1 Style Up Your Videos

Let’s be honest, the crazier a video gets, the likely the chances of going viral. Unlike Instagram where everyone appears polished and glam with model-like selfies and posh houses, TikTok doomed to be the exact opposite. Viral TikToks are not the great-looking but the funniest falls, weird memes, and dance challenges.

#2 Loop Your TikTok Video

Looping a video you allow it to play repeatedly without skipping to the next. It may sound annoying (and it probably is), but it surely boosts a video completion rate. Be sure to use it sparingly though. Otherwise, instead of likes, you will see your fans leaving. About one-third of my videos have loop feature enabled. 

Back in a day, I’ve seen less TikTok duets than they are today. Making a duet video, you kill two birds with one stone: attract new followers and engage existing ones. It’s also proven that duets with TikTok influencers have much higher likes to followers ratio. Popular creator to duet with are:

@charlidamelio, TikTok starlet who is famously known for her dances with original choreography and lip-syncs.

@brycehall, best known for his Instagram, Brice Hall had over a million followers on But that’s nothing compared to today’s 7 million.

@luckydancer5454 is a master of dance moves who run dance workshops since the early ages.

@jannat_zubair29. A child actress turned into a TikTok star with 20.8 million followers.

Whoever you pick, they have to be niche relevant. In simple words, if you create primarily cosplay videos, you may want to duet another creator featuring cosplay. Dance challenges and lip-sync creators are also worth dueting. 

#4 Drive Followers From YouTube

If you have a YouTube channel, you may want to interconnect both channels placing the link to your TikTok in the description of your videos. Invite viewers to check out your TikTok memes and challenges. 

Erik Skyes (@lifewitherick), TikTok influencer with over 1.5 million followers is best known for his use of video effects on his lip-sync videos has a successful YouTube channel where he vlogs about the slow-mo and transition tutorials for beginners on TikTok.

#5 Take Part In Giveaways And Challenges

If you think that the reason behind giveaways and sweepstakes is to win a prize, you are away from the truth. Because brands run giveaways to generate public interest in their products or services; they use branded hashtags like #InMyDenim, TikTok challenge created by Guess that has 50.3 million views

It helped Guess reach large audience of jeans fans like me. But it also scored me nearly 3 thousand likes on two of my videos with #InMyDenim. That’s the power of hashtag challenges and giveaways. App users are curious about what creators pitch to a brand; and are readily checking denizens of videos. You get the point.  

Besides giveaways and sweepstakes, there is TikTokIt, free TikTok likes, and followers provider. 

At TikTokIt, you can get free TikTok likes of three batch sizes: 1K, 2.5K, 10K. Once you typed in the username (without @) and tapped on the pack, you would be asked to confirm your order. As soon as you are done with it, your likes would be delivered over a week. This is because of the drip feed feature when free TikTok likes are appearing gradually on the creator’s account.

That’s it! If you keep posting and following the above TikTok growth hacks, free TikTok likes are guaranteed. No need to buy a single like! 

Inspired by human desire to win and gain, avid TikTok users ourselves, we believe everyone has a chance to get featured and go viral on the platform. No matter your age, nationality, geographical location, or budget, TikTokIt shares your passion for becoming a star! Services we provide are absolutely free to use for anyone craving for fame. Live you dream!
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